We aim to educate whilst having fun with children of all ages. Our specially designed, educational 'hands on' visits give experiences children thrive off and will never forget.

Once arriving and set up, Tricksy's handler will provide props for the children to admire and interact with, such as dinosaur eggs, T-Rex teeth and bones, Raptor claws, fossils and other items found to date when digging and collection facts about dinosaurs and their history.

Our 'Dino Dig Sandpit' lets children imagine what it would be like to be a real archaeologist, digging up bones and fossils using brushes and magnifying glasses to inspect what they have found.

We will also bring along our newly hatched baby dinosaur 'Mini'. Mini is our newest addition dinosaur hand puppet that can be stroked by the children to get them used to smaller dinosaurs that were around 65 million years ago. This is a hands on experience for children to learn fun facts about dinosaurs as well as the chance to understand what life would have been like for dinosaurs parading the earth millions of years ago!

After Tricksy's handler has finished the educational side, we then introduce 'Tricksy, the life size baby T-Rex' so the children can have a play, walk about the hall or yard with her lead and pause for photos.

Packages can be tailored to suit you during the time we are at your school, youth club or event.

We provide educational visits for children learning about dinosaurs in school and shorter classroom visits for children wanting to meet and have their photo taken with Tricksy!


Tricksy, our animatronic baby T-Rex really brings the 'wow factor' to any party or event she attends, children and adults alike love her! Our team can also provide a number of acommpanying workshops and activites to make each event extra special. Here are a few ideas we could bring to your visit;

Photos & Interaction
Have your picture taken with Tricksy and use our dino-themed props for added fun. You can now also meet 'Sparks' and 'Mini' our little baby dinosaur hand puppets, perfect for smaller children.

Jurassic Frame
Looks fantastic at any event!

Hatching Dino Egg
A great photo opportunity for kids, perfect for climbing in side to get some fantastic photos.

Dino Dig
A big hit everywhere! A sandpit filled with lots of different fossils and dinosaur bones. Guests dig with tools and brushes to uncover the fossils and bones, we explain what they are and give the guests a few chances to guess a few facts for themselves. Everyone of all ages loves to experience what it's like to be an archaeologist, even for a few moments!

Crafty Workshops
Let's get crafting and be creative! We can provide arts and crafts to then help children create pictures, masks fossils and even dinosaur eggs for them to take home.


We now offer Events Packages, providing everything you need to make your event go down a roar-some storm!

Tricksy will prowl and pause for photos, accompanied by our three baby puppet dinosaurs, we can also provide Dino egg hunts and Jurassic themed props (great for photos and games).

We can help with many ideas to support any event- we can even provide Dino trained staff to manger dinosaur stalls as well whilst interacting with your guests!